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Teaquility is an online based tea seller built by tea lovers. Over the pandemic two partners got together and experimented with as many different leaves and herbs that they could get their hands on. Together they built Teaquility and our agency was honored to have a significant role in the brand's launch.
Teaquility is a luxury product due to the resources and level of quality that goes into making the product. InHouse took that into consideration and designed them a package that would reflect it. We went for a zen and pure vibe.



We created a logo that had a deep connection to the resources that go into making tea. Land, Leaf and Sun. These things are essential to the process and we wanted the logo to mean something.

We created a packaging design that helps illustrate the zen vibe but also easily recognizable and easily distinguishable from the competition. We created a package of assets for them to utilize on social media so during the launch they had stunning photos to make sure the brand pops.


InHouse is proud to share a story in Tequilitys journey and looks forward to the future.

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