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Since day one, we have been showcasing and creating spec work. We feel the best way to learn and improve in any aspect of our agency is simply to experiment and try.
These projects serve as InHouse’s internal background of team building, creativity and passion. Every quarter we pick something out of passion and just execute the project. Sometimes we help out struggling businesses other times we as an agency feel like we want to share an emotion or feeling.
The root idea of this aspect of our portfolio serves as a very important reminder to the agency as a whole. We got into this business because we have a fast growing love for creativity.
While these projects are not paid, nor are they our best work. We are proud to show them off nonetheless, because as these passion projects got better, we as an agency got better as well.

Home Appliance and Co.

Home Appliance and Co is a food truck located at Young and Roselawn. If we had to summarize in one word what they have built and the legacy they have it would be “Community” It is debatable, whether the success has come from the unforgettable smash burgers they create or the amazing people behind the truck.
We got together and collaborated with them to produce this documentary to help them summarize who they are, the love for what they do and the passion behind it all.

Jetboil and the great outdoors

During this past winter (2020) we wanted to illustrate and tell a story about disconnecting from new stresses caused by the covid 19 pandemic. Our team in the past has used the great outdoors to take a break from it all and many times during the pandemic found ourselves outside in various provincial parks shooting photography and de-stressing.
We are proud to showcase this piece because we felt it illustrated the type of stories we love telling.

The Trifecta of Life.

Why did our agency team up with HotBlack Coffee and Bello Pizza?
Simply because they’re just as passionate about great food and drinks as we are about marketing. When passionate individuals get together they create great things.
Our team created a short piece showcasing their unique Bloor West shop that many refer to as the trifecta of life. It features a badass supply of organic wines, dialled in smooth coffee, and a pizza shop at the back cooking up some of the best pies in the city.

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