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Dori was a groundbreaking business concept that our agency had the pleasure of bringing to market. Dori's concept was very simple, connecting interested buyers with brands. These vending machines have a scannable QR code which users can use to input contact information and receive a free sample.



Our agency helped them launch internally as well as externally, creating animations and graphics which Dori could use online and on the actual machine itself. We also ran their launch campaign with a mix of different strategies.

We worked with a tight budget to run paid geographically targeted campaigns to build awareness of where the machines were. We also hired influencers whose content did end up getting featured in massive Toronto publications.


With our limited budget, we were able to obtain over 400,000 impressions for the digital campaign within the 2-week span. In the end, Dori was able to collect over 10K potential leads for its partner companies.

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