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Being a sales rep or team leader in the health science industry can be overwhelming with loads of information, and the information sales reps provide must be clear and accurate. Meet ACTO, the ultimate platform that companies can utilize to help train field reps, communicate with clients, and close sales reliably. They work with notable companies such as AstraZeneca, and were recently named one of the top companies to work for in Canada.

ACTO’s platform truly packs a punch, with many useful features. They set out to build the most innovative and intuitive platform for health science companies. With a platform of its size some of the important features can be missed, so how do you create something that will engage and educate potential users on what ACTO’s platform has to offer?

Our Agency was tasked with creating 7 different unique animations to help describe each ACTO’s main and most notable features. It was important that while they all remained consistent to the brand, each animation varied just enough from each other to stay fresh and engaging.

When we set out to create these animations, we gave ourselves a tough mission, to create explainer animations using only abstract visual elements and a VoiceOver.
We veered away from using people, or other recognizable objects because that’s the easy route, and when you’re trying to create fresh visual content, easy produces boring.

We are proud to work with a company that is courageous enough to go up against productivity giants such as Google, in hopes to make the life science industry more accessible and productive.

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